Events of the Alliance of Civilizations - Waitangi Regional Interfaith Dialogue meeting

29 - 31 May 2007, Waitangi - New Zealand

New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines are co-sponsors of the Asia-Pacific Regional Interfaith Dialogue. This regional process brings together faith and community leaders, experts and other civil society representatives from 15 countries from Southeast Asia and the South Pacific to discuss and promote means of enhancing mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful co-existence amongst the region’s faiths and communities – and in so doing to address the some of the potential causes of religious conflict and extremism in the region. Previous meetings of the Dialogue were held in

The Regional Dialogue has a focus on the broad themes of peace, development, security and education, and the Waitangi meeting will aim to develop a plan of action with proposals for practical projects in these areas. The overall emphasis of the Waitangi meeting will be on developing relations – or building bridges – between faith communities.


The contact person for the Regional Interfaith Dialogue meeting is
Cathie McGregor.