In coordination with its affiliate S.E.R. Foundations of Germany and Switzerland, the Foundation is associated with the UN Department of Public Information, (UN DPI/NGO).
Due to this, the S.E.R. Foundations regularly engages in UN DPI/NGO events and, among other things, publishes information regarding the United Nations in their newsletter.


What does Reconciliation mean?

For the S.E.R. Foundation, Reconciliation means an attitude of mind which enables us to perceive unity in the diversity of mankind and make this unity a part of our daily lives – in the family, with our friends and at work. All in all it is the basis for peaceful, creative, inspired -and inspiring- living and working together – both locally and internationally and in our careers as well as in our institutional life. It is the corner-stone of sustainable development and lasting peace in all areas of society and consequently for each and every human being.

Reconciliation fully supports the aims of the United Nations, such as achievement of Human rights and social peace - as defined in the UN Millennium Development Goals - and helps to bring about their implementation.

How can this be put into practice?

The annual “Week of Reconciliation” which is held every year in the last week of April

The S.E.R. Foundations aim to encourage and promote this attitude of mind and its practical implementation by holding a worldwide “Week of Reconciliation” which has taken place in the last week of April every year since 2005. Everyone is invited to take part in, or contribute to, this event.

This year’s invitation as well as details of previous “Weeks of Reconciliation” can be seen on the Internet pages of the S.E.R. Foundations.

2009 - International UN Year of Reconciliation

On January 23rd 2007 the General Assembly of the United Nations established the year 2009 as an International Year of Reconciliation (Resolution A/RES/61/17) in which reconciliation is seen as the basis for “developing friendly relations among nations and promoting international cooperation to resolve international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian issues”.

For this International Year of Reconciliation, the United Nations has called upon all nations and all people of the world “to plan and implement adequate cultural, educational and social programmes to promote the concept of reconciliation, including by holding conferences and seminars and disseminating information about the issue.”

The S.E.R. Foundations have drawn up a plan of implementation, which has been submitted to the United Nations. All are welcome to become involved in this plan.

The S.E.R. Foundations' information platform is constantly being updated with further information.