“Sport and Peace” project of 2009

Join in and enter a competition for the best “Sport and Peace” project of 2009!

Sport encourages peace and tolerance, bringing together people from vastly different national, ethnic and social backgrounds in a spirit of mutual understanding, acceptance and respect. In recognition of the importance in our times of people mixing and living together in harmony, the United Nations has established the year 2009 as an International Year of Reconciliation, the aim of which is to promote peaceful co-existence in the World.

With this in mind, we at the S.E.R. Foundations of the Netherlands would like to offer you our support in setting up your „Sport and Peace“ project for 2009.

Your project

You can be as creative and imaginative as you like! How about developing a new kind of sport with neither winners nor losers? Or a sporting event in which the players change teams during the match for a different perspective? Or a project in which people from different classes of society, who normally wouldn’t meet socially, experience a new feeling of belonging together through sport? 

Enter your project in the competition! All entries are welcome that have anything to do with peaceful and joyous cooperation in the area of sport. The competition is open to all: clubs, schools, sports centres, therapists, individuals, etc.

The awards

The first four projects nominated for an award will receive grants of 2 x 1.000 € and 2 x 500 € towards carrying them out. All projects entered will be made public, subject to competitors’ wishes, and passed on to the United Nations.